Daycare Software offering an affordable solution for the In-Home Daycare as well as Daycare Centers

Why pay up to $2,000 for daycare manager software when our product may suit your needs for only
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Daycare software offering an affordable software solution for daycare and childcare operations
of all
sizes.  Daycare software containing user erasable sample data which will make your
free 45 day evaluation period more productive.  Daycare software which can streamline the speed and accuracy by computerized bookkeeping.  Daycare software with databases to organize child demographics information as well as releasee lists, medical records, and contact phone numbers.   Daycare software simplifying your accounting by keeping up to the minute records of daycare charges and children’s payments.  Daycare software with record keeping functionsincluding automatic billing and assessment of late fees with user defined billing days.  Daycare software with databases that allow you to efficiently record and track attendance records.  Because there are no limits to the size of the children’s database, Daycare provider software that is suitable for the home daycare as well as the commercial daycare center and preschool operations.  Daycare provider software which effectively produces class rosters as well as waiting lists, income statements, delinquent payment and individual ledgers.